Weekly Series: Connect With Customers

Case Study: New Loyalty Program Connects ’Wichcraft With Customers

After years of using paper punch cards to promote loyalty at its 16 locations, “Wichcraft is going digital with a mobile loyalty program powered by Venga.

Yelp Adds Restaurant Health-Inspection Scores to Website

Yelp will add health scores to information it provides about restaurants, part of a push to be more useful to consumers and local governments while promoting public well-being.

Loyalty Programs Boost Restaurant Business

Restaurant patrons will attend a preferred establishment 35 percent more if the restaurant offers a loyalty program!

Restaurants With Engaged Employees Rank High in Customer Satisfaction

Over a one-year period, restaurants ranking in the top 10 percent for levels of employee engagement experienced nearly a 300-percent increase in guest satisfaction ratings.

5 Things to Watch in 2013

The quick-service industry will continue to evolve in 2013, and these five trends will have the biggest impact.

Top Chef Fan?? Now Something to Make You Laugh…