Weekly Series: Smooth Operator

10 Food Cost Fixes
The cost of many ingredients is soaring. But passing on those increases gets pretty tough when customers are in belt-tightening mode. Balancing these two opposing forces requires a little ingenuity and outside-the-box thinking.

Demographic Trends: Change is Opportunity Stepping back and looking at major national demographic trends – including age, race, marital status, gender, incomes, education and more – can point restaurateurs to underserved customers and potential new ones, reveal opportunities for innovation and growth and aid in understanding the expectations and needs of both consumers and the workforce.

Get “er Done: 7 Ways to Speed Up Service
There are countless ways to speed up a restaurant’s service sequence, starting with the initial order and ending with the presentation of the check. Here are seven ideas for ways to get it done faster.

Food Tech & Media a $1.5 Billion Industry, Research Says
Food-related tech and media companies – technologies that help consumers discover, cook, buy and learn about their food – have experienced significant growth in terms of the number companies created, venture and angel investment, and consolidation.

Boost Bar Sales With Expanded Hours and Menu Specials
All across the country, full-service bars and restaurants are rolling out dining options for the midnight crowd. Operators are developing “craveable” food options that might include smaller portions, shareable dishes, or mix ‘n’ match selections.

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