Weekly Series: Innovation and Resolutions

The Most Popular Restaurants on Expense Reports of 2012
Busy business travelers are choosing Starbucks and McDonald’s more than any other. Where do you eat when you’re on the road?

10 Food Trends to Track in 2013
One general theme the Publicis food wizards see emerging this year is that the overall pace of food innovation will pick up. I know I am excited about stronger coffee, stealthy healthy, and higher quality wine-in-a-box!

Taco Bell Takes the Spotlight with Superbowl Ad

What are you more excited for… the game or the commercials??

Have it Your Way? More Chefs Say OK
It wasn’t all that long ago diners with dietary restrictions were greeted with less-than-open arms at restaurants. Case in point: NYC’s James Beard Award-winning chef David Chang of the Momofuko restaurant group who once cited “special food requests” and “fake allergies” as two of his top five most annoying things customers do. But things are slowly starting to change…

Obama Inauguration ‘Champagne’ Makes French Whine
The French have been told to put a cork in it and stop whining about the “champagne” that will be served at President Obama’s inauguration party later this month.

Social Media Leads to Customer Experience Changes in 2013
In 2013, social media expects to see: far fewer surveys, increased use of freely available competitive intelligence, traditional star ratings to go by the wayside, and more.

Did they really do that??
Fitness With Style
With New Year’s resolutions in full-force, new ‘gym’ concepts are emerging everywhere.