How VengaIntel Reserve REALLY Works

So how does it really work? Need a real life scenario to see how VengaIntel Reserve will affect a guest’s visit for the better? Voila.

Senator Smith loves Restaurant Downtown. The host knows the Senator loves corner tables for his lunch and dinner meetings. The host also knows to send over the Manager on Duty (MOD) to make sure the staff goes above and beyond with their service. Depending on the server or MOD working, the staff may or may not know that the Senator loves unique old world red wines and frequently purchases bottles over $150.

Although the Senator loves Restaurant Downtown, he”s never been to their other concept, Restaurant Uptown, before. He asks his staff to get him a table there for a meeting with himself and an important dignitary on Friday night. Today, if his staff called Restaurant Uptown to make a reservation, the Senator would not be in OpenTable and the name, phone number and possibly email address would need to be requested. When the Senator shows for his reservation, very little would be known about his preferences for seating, his tastes for expensive old world wines or even the fact that he is a very frequent diner at other City Restaurant Group locations.

Tomorrow, with VengaIntel Reserve in use, as soon as his staff makes the call for the reservation, the host who answers the phone at Restaurant Uptown can pull up his OpenTable guest record, even if he has never visited there before. They know immediately that he frequents Restaurant Downtown, prefers corner tables and is a very senior VIP that should be visited by the MOD.

When the Senator and his party arrive, the host shows the group to their private corner table and then hands off the printed reservation chit to their assigned server. With a quick glance at the chit, the server knows to notify the MOD and request their visit, as well as send over the beverage director or sommelier. The MOD thanks the Senator for coming in and for frequenting Restaurant Downtown as well (if deemed appropriate) and ensures that the selected table is suitable. But of course he already knows it is perfect!

The beverage director comes by to inform the Senator of several off menu selections that are available this evening in the $100-200 range and the Senator is delighted to be offered some rare wines that will complement his meal perfectly. After a few more bottles are ordered, not only has the Senator spent more on wine than he would have if those off menu selections had not been offered to him, he also leaves happier because of his tailored and special dining experience.

His staff also knows that when they need to book two more dinners next week, the City Restaurant Group restaurants are the only place to call to ensure a very happy Senator!