The Affordable Maitre d’ Who Will Never Leave Your Restaurant

Wouldn’t it be great if you could afford a Maitre d’ like Paul? The kind who greets your guests by first name, a hearty handshake and a glass of their favorite wine? Besides the fabulous food, he’s a major reason why guests become loyal to your restaurant and keep coming back to spend more money. The problem is the minute he retires – or worse, goes to the competitor across the street – your restaurant’s CRM tool just walked out the door.

With VengaIntel Reserve you can have that level of service at a fraction of the cost!

VengaIntel Reserve integrates a restaurant’s POS with OpenTable (across all of a restaurants’ locations) so you know more of your guests’ dining habits, preferences, and favorite menu items before they arrive and be able to personalize your marketing campaigns. For example, in the first month alone, we collected intelligence on over 10,000 guests for a restaurant group without them breaking a sweat (or having to do anything!).

We’ve developed it to sync with how your floor operates without interrupting the flow of your GM, staff or guests. With VengaIntel Reserve, you know that David at table 7 spends, on average, $155 on wine – probably a good idea to have the Sommelier make a visit. Ashley at Table 6 loves seafood – don’t forget to tell her about the fresh Wild Pacific salmon from British Columbia. And, Mandy at table 14 has visited your group of restaurants 18 times in the last year – a visit from the chef would be a nice touch.

Wait! There’s more. Now, your guest notes are shared automatically between your restaurants. Now, each of your restaurants will seamlessly share the key insider notes you make — who is a ‘friend of the owner’, ‘loves a quiet corner’, ‘gets something for nothing’, ‘pain in the a**’.

Learn more why top restaurant groups from coast to coast are getting a competitive advantage. Don’t worry, our technology will treat everyone like the real Abe Froman every time. To get a free month of any of our products, take a look at the clip and email to tell me the movie. (hint: one of my favorite movies of all time).


P.S. – You’ll never have to worry about adding ‘pain in the a**’ to any of Venga employee’s guest notes.