Just Set It And Forget It. Meaningful ROI (Return on Investment) for Restaurants

What if I told you Venga’s automated email marketing program had these results:

130-220%:         ROI (Return on Investment)

5.8 – 12.4%:        Redemption rate

34%:                      Higher check average vs. all other guests

99%:                      Percent of emails successfully delivered

59%:                      Unique open rates (3x restaurant email marketing average)

3x:                         Average number of times an email is opened

You’d probably say: “yeah, right.”

You should say: “Who do I need to contact ASAP so I can look like a hero to my boss?” (Hint: Winston@getvenga.com)

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One of our most successful features is our automated, triggered email. I like to call it our “set it and forget it” feature.  All a restaurant has to do is set certain rules – e.g. send a “we miss you” email to those who haven’t visited in 30 days, a birthday offer, a simple thank you from the GM to those who spent over $500 on a visit – and our software automatically queries the database nightly and any guests that meet those rules receives an email the next morning.

This feature comes with VengaIntel Reserve and VengaIntel Engage and it”s proven to work for all restaurant concepts – from Fast Casual to Upscale Dining.

And, if that”s not enough, if you contact me today and sign up, I’ll throw in a complimentary Showtime Standard Rotisserie & BBQ oven (or a set of Ginsu knives if you prefer).

I look forward to talking to you.

Winston Lord